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Luxury Living: A Vision appears that makes everyone stop and wonder.

Sky Villas at Greater Noida are externally finished homes in close proximity to upcoming metro station and commercial belt of greater noida & Golf course. Each Sky Villa is built for high levels luxury life style with courtyards specifically designed to serve as extensions of the indoor living spaces. We have an extensive network of housing developments all throughout the country, so you know you're in the safe hands of leading developers.

Strategically Located near to Railway station

Each Aarcity Sky Villas offers large bedrooms, a family room and dining room, a gourmet kitchen and landscaped courtyard. Folding ideas into soul, these homes weave into the seamless world of happiness. Aarcity Sky Villas have a built up area of nearly 484.17 sq. mts. (5200 sq. ft.) each externally finished villa is a private & personal sanctuary within framework of sculpted greens.

The location map lets you know that our villas are a part of Greater Noida, which makes it convenient for people who work in Delhi. Based on the 130m wide highway in Noida, the development is merely 2 km away from the station of Bodaki.

Sky Villas Presents Green Housing

Aarcity Sky villas, an urban Oasis that redefines luxury and places modern convenience and green living at the nerve centre of NCR. India has never witnessed architecture like this before. This pioneering LEED.

Sky villas: Special Features

It places modern convenience and green living at the nerve centre of NCR. Five breathtaking towers work in perfect harmony thanks to the flowing curves and shining facades of the design which also incorporates Vaastu principles. All five link to a spectacular podium level that features lush gardens and attractive event platforms.

Aarcity sky villas provides a taste of the future with a fully connected environment and all the latest advances. Next generation technology is at your fingertips throughout this exhilarating development all crafted by master designers of international repute.